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Creaform’s Blog – News, Tips & Tricks about 3D technologies

3D scanning a fencer

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A Little Bit of Paralympic Glory for the Creaform Portable 3D Scanners

Photo: Latrèche winning his individual bronze medal in London against Italian fencer Marco Cima, in September 2012. Credit: L’Équipe   Alim Latrèche is a 36 year-old paralympic fencing champion, with…

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HAWKS racing: an international element to the Creaform Student Sponsorship Program!

Maybe because we’re a North American company, when we first launched our Student Sponsorship Program, we sort of expected to receive mostly applications from teams located either in Canada or…

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The HandySCAN 3D to Assess Hail Damage

Perhaps among the most unpredictable and sudden of weather patterns, it is well known that hail can cause important disturbance. Broken windows, seriously dented cars, house shingles transformed into Swiss…

Industrial Design

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Creaform’s got new talents

To become a leader on the market you need to design products that offer more than competition. That’s why the Creaform Engineering Service is now giving you access to professional…

Creaform and Stratasys Partnership

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Creaform brings forward a new partnership with Stratasys!

It’s been said before; 3D scanning and 3D printing go hand-in-hand. So the marketing agreement we recently signed with Stratasys was a proverbial natural fit! This new partnership brings together…

D scanning and 3D printing

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Have you heard about 3D scanning and 3D printing in product development 3.0?

In today’s hyper-competitive markets, product development teams—from engineers to designers—are facing tremendous pressure to come up with new innovations and new products faster than ever before. Let’s face it, in…

Photo credit: Airbus Defence and Space

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Creaform’s engineering services expertise reaches new heights

Arianespace will be launching Brazilian telecommunication Embratel Star One C4 with Eumetsat MSG-4, a weather monitoring service satellite, today from the European Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana (Flight VA224). The…

Numerical Simulation

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Creaform helps companies make CFD part of their design process

Every year multi-physics simulation tools come to market with ever increasing possibilities. So much that it is hard for companiesto keep up with the pace and exploit these new tools to…

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VXmodel key to success in creating Formula SAE race car for engineering student competition

Jayhawk Motorsports, a team of 40 engineering students from the University of Kansas, is using the Creaform HandySCAN 3D scanner to create two racecars, including creating a powerful 3D model…

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HandySCAN 3D digitizer helps train the next generation of french engineers

Located in the South West of France, close to both the Swiss and Italian border, the small-ish city of Grenoble is nonetheless considered a major technology and industry center. Last…