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3D scanning in the workshop with HandySCAN 3D

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SCOTT Sports and Creaform: Achieving the next level in skiing safety with 3D scanning

Learn how Swiss sporting goods manufacturer, SCOTT Sports, integrated the HandySCAN 3D in the development of its new Symbol 2 Plus D helmet. #NOSHORTCUTS

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A glimpse into the future of metrology

Metrology will be an integral part of the manufacturing process. More efficient metrology tools will be used for inspections that will not only be limited to critical features, but will encompass…

Galileo looking to the universe with his telescope

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The history of metrology from Galileo to optical systems

Metrology originates from antiquity. The first forms of measurements were established to facilitate commerce and record human activity. Time, weight and length were the first standards formulated.   Over the…

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An Engineering Student Formula SAE team from Japan that is not lost in translation!

The least we can say is how pleasantly surprised we are to see how much how student sponsorship program is growing and spreading its wings… Every year, it enables us…

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New 3D scanner: What to expect from the new MetraSCAN 3D

It’s true: we have completely reengineered our MetraSCAN 3D laser scanner, in order to help Quality Control and reverse engineering experts face the increasing quality standards brought forward by manufacturers…

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What to expect from the new PCMM HandyPROBE Next

As you may have heard, we just proudly launched the newly redesigned HandyPROBE Next, our new portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM). And you may be wondering: what’s in it for…

A domed shape brain coral, an example of the corals Kyle plans to study in his 3D documentation project

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Unravelling the mysteries of the ocean… with 3D scanning

So is the fascinating mission of Kyle Zawada, student at St-Andrews University in Scotland. To be more specific, he proposed to use portable scanning techniques to 3D document and measure characteristics…

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A bright engineering team part of a smart competition!

Being born in Quebec inevitably means growing up connected to winter sports and activities. Every second person here goes skiing or snowshoeing on weekends. The place is covered in snow…

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The engineering catalyst: Bringing 3D printing to your home

In the past few years, we have heard a lot about 3D printing in mass media, as if it was something that just came fresh out of the oven. For…

Rely on Creaform's Testing and Prototyping Services to Get the Job Done

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Rely on Creaform’s Testing and Prototyping Services to Get the Job Done

In December 2014, Creaform’s engineering services team set up a test and prototyping workshop to complement its offering. Spanning 2500 sq. ft. and located near Creaform’s offices in Laval, Montreal,…