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An Engineering Student Formula SAE team from Japan that is not lost in translation!

The least we can say is how pleasantly surprised we are to see how much how student sponsorship program is growing and spreading its wings… Every year, it enables us…

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Is the Building of the Future 3D-printed?

The United Arab Emirates just unveiled a fantastically promising technology project: the first fully 3D-printed office building on the planet. The futuristic and sleek looking space, deemed The Office of the Future,…

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The Go!SCAN 3D: Official Scanner of the Scorpion Squad!

Are you familiar with the American hit TV show SCORPION? Airing Monday night on CBS since 2014, it draws an average of 13.6 million viewers per episode. Highly addictive to watch, the…

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Augmented Reality: Virtual Fitting Room for Retail Fashion

We all have to buy clothes eventually, but truth be told, not everyone likes having to try them on. So wouldn’t it be wonderful if we didn’t actually have to?…

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QC inspection on the Production Floor: Why, When, and How

For many production managers, measuring parts directly on the production floor means fewer alignments and manipulations, which is one of the keys to more efficient production processes. However, quality control…

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Virtual Reality is at our doorstep!

Well probably not literally. But close! Virtual reality (VR) is no longer the sci-fi dream promised to many for decades, but never quite delivered. In fact, 2016 could even be…

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New 3D scanner: What to expect from the new MetraSCAN 3D

It’s true: we have completely reengineered our MetraSCAN 3D laser scanner, in order to help Quality Control and reverse engineering experts face the increasing quality standards brought forward by manufacturers…

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What to expect from the new PCMM HandyPROBE Next

As you may have heard, we just proudly launched the newly redesigned HandyPROBE Next, our new portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM). And you may be wondering: what’s in it for…

A domed shape brain coral, an example of the corals Kyle plans to study in his 3D documentation project

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Unravelling the mysteries of the ocean… with 3D scanning

So is the fascinating mission of Kyle Zawada, student at St-Andrews University in Scotland. To be more specific, he proposed to use portable scanning techniques to 3D document and measure characteristics…

Quality control managers in the shop floor

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Quality control managers in the automotive and aerospace industries are responsible for ensuring that manufactured parts meet customers’ requirements, specifications, and tolerances. To do so, they rely on coordinate measuring…