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Creaform’s Blog – News, Tips & Tricks about 3D technologies

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Global Formula Racing: When Students from Two Countries Collaborate, Great Things Happen!

Obviously, we love all of the student teams and projects that we select to be part of our Creaform Student Project Sponsorship Program… But we have to admit that some…

3D scanning in the workshop with HandySCAN 3D

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SCOTT Sports and Creaform: Achieving the next level in skiing safety with 3D scanning

Learn how Swiss sporting goods manufacturer, SCOTT Sports, integrated the HandySCAN 3D in the development of its new Symbol 2 Plus D helmet. #NOSHORTCUTS

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Under pressure? Discover where to save time and money in quality control

What is expensive in quality control? What is costly to purchase, operate, and maintain? What requires skilled and experienced operators? Answer: Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) This article illustrates the costs and time required to…

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A glimpse into the future of metrology

Metrology will be an integral part of the manufacturing process. More efficient metrology tools will be used for inspections that will not only be limited to critical features, but will encompass…

Galileo looking to the universe with his telescope

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The history of metrology from Galileo to optical systems

Metrology originates from antiquity. The first forms of measurements were established to facilitate commerce and record human activity. Time, weight and length were the first standards formulated.   Over the…

Artifact pots display at the National Museum of the Philippines in Manilla

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On the importance of Precision and Resolution for Academics and Museology

How important is the resolution of your 3D scanner? While the industrial world obviously also requires great accuracy and resolution, this need becomes paramount when it comes to applications related…

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3D Printed Architecture in Space: 3D Printing on the Moon

While it seems like we have only skimmed the surface of all the ways 3D printing could eventually transform our lives, it increasingly emerges as a truly out-of-this-world component. And…

Koenigsegg hypercar video

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Koenigsegg partners with Creaform to certify the quality standards of its hypercar lineup [VIDEO]

Koenigsegg cars combine innovation and cutting-edge technology. The CCXR model shown above is, among other things, the world’s first green supercar.     Koenigsegg hypercars have received a lot of…

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Creaform Technologies… Take the Road!

Here is (another) way our 3D scanning technology is reaching people in ways we would have never thought of… As part of educational caravans, riding on the roads to reach people…

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Where will metrology be in 5-10 years ?

Metrology has come a long way since its conception during the era of the pharaohs. It has particularly evolved in the last 25 years with the advent of lasers, 3D scanners, and…