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March 2016

Quality control managers in the shop floor

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Quality control managers in the automotive and aerospace industries are responsible for ensuring that manufactured parts meet customers’ requirements, specifications, and tolerances. To do so, they rely on coordinate measuring…

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3D Printing: How the Diversification of Materials is Always Pushing the Limits

Think all 3D printers produce plastic parts? Well, (you know what’s coming…) think again! From 3D printing human tissue to metal, glass and even mashed potatoes, new materials seem to…

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A bright engineering team part of a smart competition!

Being born in Quebec inevitably means growing up connected to winter sports and activities. Every second person here goes skiing or snowshoeing on weekends. The place is covered in snow…

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3D printing human tissue… coming soon to a hospital near you

One of the most surprising and promising applications of 3D scanning and 3D printing is happening as we speak, as far away as possible from engineering labs. Wait for it… Medical researchers…

Inspection of a casting on a CMM

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5 TIPS to unload the CMM

For manufacturing companies, quality control and part inspection are requirements for customer approval. To do this, production managers generally choose coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), which are one of the most…