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October 2015

FEM analysis

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The Creaform Health Care Partner 3D Scanner makes life easier for doctors and patients alike!

A recent article published on the opens a new window on the world of prosthetics… It highlights the work of Lizbeth Lopez, a biomedical engineer from Mexico City, who…

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The World of Wearable Art… in 3D

The current revolution brought by 3D printing extends to the most surprising applications, even the ones as far removed as possible from the traditional “geek” sphere. One example: fashion! The…

3D scanning a fencer

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A Little Bit of Paralympic Glory for the Creaform Portable 3D Scanners

Photo: Latrèche winning his individual bronze medal in London against Italian fencer Marco Cima, in September 2012. Credit: L’Équipe   Alim Latrèche is a 36 year-old paralympic fencing champion, with…

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HAWKS racing: an international element to the Creaform Student Sponsorship Program!

Maybe because we’re a North American company, when we first launched our Student Sponsorship Program, we sort of expected to receive mostly applications from teams located either in Canada or…