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December 2013

Jenn Barlow 5_Web

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When 3D scanning goes glamour – the Jenn Barlow’s bubble head project!

In my current job as an applications specialist with Creaform, I’ve been asked to scan, inspect and reverse engineer a lot of very different mechanical parts, using any and all…

Scanning an outdoor pipe with a Handyscan 3D scanner and Pipecheck

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Inspecting gas pipelines in cold and damp Scotland

Monday June 3rd, 8:00 in the morning. The weather is incredibly cold and foggy for springtime. Welcome to Scotland, a few miles north of the city of Aberdeen. Martin, our…


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3D scanning a steam turbine in Mexico in steaming hot weather!

Last February, I was lucky enough to escape Quebec City’s harsh winter season for a while and fly to the warm Altamira region of Mexico in order to complete a…