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October 2012

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3D Printing at the Heart of Democratization of Manufacturing Debate

The debate surrounding 3D printing and the democratization of manufacturing doesn’t seem to be waning as Stratasys goes for the big kill with the largest firearms-makers across the United States….

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Giving Back to the Animal Kingdom Through Virtual Gaming

Virtual gaming is now ready to give back to the animal kingdom thanks to a series of free online games that allow players to sponsor a specific charity. As a…

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“Thin Skinned” Virtual Reality Gloves at your Fingertips

The expression “thin skinned” may no longer only bear a negative connotation as this concept could become the foundation for creating a new generation of virtual reality gloves. That’s right, a…

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3D CAD Leader Makes Huge Donation

World leader in 3D design software and 3D CAD Autodesk has granted Penn State Behrend with a huge donation in the form of free access to three of its software…

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3D Serious Gaming Used for In-House Training

Stimulating employees as part of critical training operations is a never-ending endeavor for employers, which explains why 3D serious gaming and 3D training simulations are becoming increasingly important for in-house training. That’s…

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3D Printing Part of 2013’s Emerging Technologies to Hit Mainstream

The Consumers Electronics Association (CEA) has released its “Five Technology Trends to Watch” publication, unveiling a list that includes, among others, 3D printing as part of the emerging technologies that…

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3D Scanning Used for Lower Radiation Levels

The applications of 3D scanning are limitless and it has been discovered that it could be used towards lower radiation levels in breast examinations. Indeed, a team of physicists, mathematicians…

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3D Forensics and 3D Blood Spatter Analysis in University’s Curriculum

No, it’s not an episode of America’s favorite serial killer Dexter but 3D forensics and 3D blood spatter analysis will be taught as part of the University of Toronto’s curriculum….

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3D Scanner used for Reconstruction of Scene of Accident

In the United Kingdom, North Yorkshire Police have procured a 3D scanner for the reconstruction of various scenes of accidents. This brand new purchase allows the police department to collect…

Wiki Weapon Project

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Wiki Weapon Project Temporarily Gunned Down

In the wake of one of our previous tickets (Patriotics Develop Free Gun to be 3D-Printed), Defense Distributed’s Wiki Weapon project was temporarily gunned down after the 3D printer that…