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September 2012

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Catch a Glimpse of 3D Models in Lifelike Size before 3D-Printing them

It is now possible to download a brand new program on your phone or tablet that will give you the opportunity to view a 3D model in lifelike size before…

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3D Scanning Squares off Against CMM Probing in Refrigerator Part Inspections

Let everyone know that the coordinate measuring machine (CMM) technology has a new contender in the inspection of plastic injection molded refrigerator parts, 3D scanning. Third-party inspector 3D Engineering Solutions has…

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3D Printing Nanomaterials Soon Possible?

Despite the fact that 3D printing can be done fairly easily at home and that its use is becoming increasingly broad there is one area in which there is still…

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3D Modeling Program Launches New File Importer

An awesome new feature was released through free 3D modeling tool Tinkercad where 2D SVG and 3D STL files can now be imported. As a matter of fact, you can…

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Scientists Discover how to 3D-Print Video Game Characters

A terminator sent through time to our reality? We might not be that far off! Thanks to Harvard computer scientists and their crew, you might be able to bring to…

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Dress-Lace Inc x Lace Dress

Dress-Lace Inc x Lace Dress / Marble Print/ Black and White / Stretch fabric This x piece is a really sexy marble printed dress that is colored…