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July 2011


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Handyscan 3D Product Manager Daniel Brown Strikes Again

We’ve got another excellent article published in the July edition of Quality Magazine. On the model of  “Cooking for Dummies”, Dan wrote about the basics of 3D optical measurement technologies,…


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The MetraSCAN used for Archaeological Purposes in Czech Republic

The broadcast aired on primetime newscast in Czech Republic. Chances are you don’t speak Czech, but as an image is worth a 1000 words, we though we would post it…

fruit 4

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The Apple Picker Lady

When first presented during a Creaform Christmas party and as part of the Handyscan 3D laser scanning contest, this video brought us all to our feet (and to tears for…


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3D Laser Scanners: the Ongoing Quest for Portability

In this article, you’ll find my reflexions about the ultimate 21st century goal in 3D laser scanning: increased portability. (…) But during the past few decades, manufacturers have been increasingly interested…