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May 2011


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Handyscan 3D Product Manager Daniel Brown on 3D Scanning and Touch Probing for QC

Daniel raises interesting questions about the use of 3D scanning and touch probing for QC: “Today’s 3D scanners offer excellent accuracy, are easy to use, and are fully integrated by…


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Clash of the Eras : When Dinosaurs are 3D Modeled!

21st century advanced technologies are to virtually reproduce prehistoric animals at Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa…fascinating! Besides, the project won an international award! “However, the key element is the…

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When 3D scanning can help the visually-impaired drive their wheelchair!

Well…you can’t stop progress! This is a very interesting example of how technology can be beneficial to people in need – and not only for businesses trying to make money….

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Q1 of 2011: We Are Off to a Very Good Start!

Wow! This is actually really good news.   We have had our 2nd best quarter in history, with $8.2 million sales and a YOY growth of 56%. The month of March…


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Creaform helps students at Concordia University in Montreal to solve a specific design challenge

It is amazing what passionnate and brillant what undergraduate engineering students can do when they focus their efforts on something (in this case, the creation a hybrid of a Volkswagen Jetta…


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3e édition de la Journée de la métrologie en aérospatiale – un franc succès!

Jeudi dernier, 130 personnes du domaine de la métrologie se sont réunies à l’École Polytechnique de Montréal pour assister aux conférences données dans le cadre de la 3e Journée de la…