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October 2010

Creaform's logo

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Geomagic’s Points Beyond Tour

Creaform is proudly sponsoring and participating in Geomagic’s Points Beyond Tour. The Geomagic Points Beyond Tour is coming this Fall to a city near you. Discover how you can speed…

C-Track Expanding Panel

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Tour of VXelements – Integrating the HandyPROBE

More than ever, VXelements is the common platform for Creaform’s technologies. The C-Track can now be operated directly from VXelements instead of having two different layers of software interacting together,…


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Tour of VXelements – Mind the Gap

VXelements includes a slider which aims at simplifying the life of its users when it comes to producing a cleaner output with our scanners. Located in the facets node of…

New Surface Parameters

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Tour of VXelements – No More Scanning Volume

The new VXelements includes quite a lot of changes for our users, so let’s do a quick tour of the owner. Instead of highlighting all new features, I will introduce…